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  • 2018年04月19日Students’s English Page has started!

    Yes! EEC Club have started an English web page for everyone. The page is written by students about students. We will update the site every few weeks with articles about our school, clubs and student life at St. Joseph. Please look for the icon on our website.


  • 2018年04月10日Saint Joseph Students Shine in English Again!




    ちなみに、セントヨゼフ全校生のうち30人はすでに準1級(大学中級程度)を取得しています。大変誇らしいことです。You’re doing fine work, everyone! Let’s keep on aiming for the next level!

  • 2018年03月07日「日本の社会で女性の役割」について、英作文を書きました

    In the weekly English morning broadcast, Mr. Hollinghurst talked about an interview with the prime minister of Norway that he read about in a newspaper article. Norway was at the top of the United Nations ‘2017 World Happiness Report’ and in second place in the World Economic Forum’s ‘Gender Gap Index’.
    In his 5th grade English Writing class, the students did a 5-minute ‘Freewriting’ exercise on the subject of ‘Women in Japan.’ Here are two of the compositions that the students produced.
    5年生「英語作文」の授業で“日本女性”をテーマに自由英作文を書きました。これは、先日の朝の祈りにて、ノルウェーが“国連 世界幸福度報告(2017年)”で1位、また“男女格差指数”で2位であったという結果について知ったことがきっかけでした。

    It is said that it’s not easy for women in Japan to keep working because of having baby or housework and it is said that they don't have choices. It's true, but I think many women intentionally choose to stay home and later they regret doing that. I know the society doesn't have good systems for women so much, but you can fight against it. I don't deny staying at home, but it is risky since once you quit your job, then it is more and more hard to find a new job. These days Mr. Abe is planning to do things to make the equal society between men and women. I'm looking forward to that society.
    Yuri Fujimoto

    I think women in Japan can become more powerful if rules in their company or city change. Women in Japan have many things to do by themselves, for example working, raising children and housework. I think it's one of the reasons why Japanese women today can't do their best in their jobs or have a happy life. So I suppose that Japanese husbands and boys should help women whenever they need.
    Azusa Yoshii

  • 2018年03月02日【カナダ研修旅行】2月28日カナダ研修参加者対象オンライン英会話

    The 16 students who will go to Canada from March 20 had a chance to speak to teachers in the Philippines on the subject of ‘My hobbies’ or ‘Talking about Japan’. The 25-minute lesson flew past and everyone enjoyed the experience hugely. They are all really looking forward to the challenge of using their English skills with their host families, the high school ‘buddies’, and all the other people they will meet in Vancouver.

  • 2018年03月01日【カナダ研修旅行】Introducing Canada

    【Canada Study Trip (March 20-30, 2018) カナダ研修旅行(2018年3月20日~30日)】

    Hello! We are 16 junior and senior high students (junior high 3rd grade to senior high 2nd grade) and we will be visiting the Vancouver area of British Columbia (B.C.) for about ten days at the end of March. In preparation for this trip, we have started weekly orientation meetings after school. In the first and second orientations, we made short presentations about things we had researched Canada. Here is some of our research. Please enjoy reading it!

    I did some research on famous food. One of the traditional dishes is grilled salmon. Salmon is not that cheap, but it tastes really good. We can also eat salmon in a bagel, and Canadian eat sushi called ‘B.C. Roll’, too. It looks like California Roll, but a B.C. Roll typically has salmon (including its skin), lettuce, cucumber and avocado in it. I researched fast food, too. Canadian fast food includes fish & chips, hot dogs and poutine. I think everyone knows about fish & chips and hot dogs, so I will explain about poutine. Poutine is fried potatoes with melted cheese and gravy source on them. Poutine is very popular and we can eat it everywhere in Canada.
    Ami Okazaki

    I did some research on music and sweets. I really like to listen to music, not only J-Pop, but also Western music. I like Shawn Mendes, who comes from Canada! I have heard that pumpkin pie is one of the most popular sweets in Canada, so I want to try it!
    Marina Kaneko

    I did some research on food. Canada is known as a country of immigrants, so you can eat lots of different countries’ food. Actually, Canada doesn’t have much local food. Speaking of Canada, of course, everyone probably knows that maple is famous. Other Canadian food is poutine, ‘Nanaimo bar’, fish and chips and Tim Hortons. A ‘Nanaimo bar’ is custard icing sandwiched between chocolate and a coconut chocolate cake base. Canada’s food is higher in calories than Japanese food, so we must be careful not to eat too much.
    Chiho Hatanaka

    I did some research on places. There are many nice places in Vancouver, Canada. I'll introduce two places I thought I would like to go to. First is Gastown. There are cobbled streets and street lamps with an antique atmosphere, gourmet spots, such as cafes and restaurants, and gift shops .Next is the seawall around Stanley Park. It's popular as a spot where cycling and walking can be done with beautiful scenery on a road with a total length of 8.8km. There are many other wonderful places, too.
    Manaka Hatta

    I did some research on Canada's desserts. I will introduce 3 desserts. First is Cleary's maple waffles. Maple cream is sandwiched between 2 waffles. It is more delicious when placed on a hot drink. Second is ‘Nanaimo bar’. It is a major sweet in Canada. It is called Nanaimo, but it doesn’t not use potatoes! It's made of coconut cookies ,custard cream and chocolate. Third is S'more. You can eat these often when you camp in Canada. It uses marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker. Please try to eat them!
    Erika Takeo

    Niagara Falls is a very famous sightseeing spot in Canada. Strictly speaking, it's on the border of America and Canada. It was selected as a World Heritage Site, and various people come to see.
    When I go to Canada, I'd like to go to Niagara Falls.
    Fuka Ikawa

    I did some research on The Butchart Gardens (in Brentwood Bay, on Vancouver Island). There is an English garden. It has many kinds of flowers and trees. It changes by season. For example in the spring there are tulips, in the summer roses, in the autumn maple trees, and in the winter snowdrops and other things. About a million tourist visits in this place every year. I want to go there someday.
    Nanami Toyoda

    I did some research on cranberries. Cranberries are grown in many of Canada’s provinces. Canada is the second largest producer of cranberries in the world. There are several ways to eat them. You can eat them raw or mix with them with maple syrup to make sauce or juice. In Canada, they are harvested in the autumn, when the fruit is ripe, shiny, and deep red. Cranberries are sour, but they look very delicious. I want to eat some in Canada.
    Kaori Nagata

    I did some research on food. Canada’s famous food is “smoked salmon”. There are many kinds of smoked salmon in Canada. One kind is called “smoked salmon rocks”. The most popular type of smoked salmon in Canada is seasoned with maple syrup. It can be brought home as a souvenir to Japan. Many kinds of things are sold in small quantities. I want to buy some kinds to eat and compare them.
    Yamanaka Momoka

    I did some research on Banff National Park.
    Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park and was established in 1885. This park's area is 6641 square kilometers. The beautiful view points in the park are Minnewanka Lake, Mount Rundle, Vermilion Lake, Morain Lake, Bow Lake and Peyto Lake. Banff National Park is registered as a World Heritage Site.
    Pure Miyazawa

  • 2018年02月27日2月14日・15日 オンライン英会話レッスン実施(英検対策)


    More than 30 students took an online English conversation class as part of their preparation for the interview stage of this year’s 3rd Eiken Test. Speaking to teachers in the Philippines for 25 minutes, the students had plenty of opportunity to practice their interview skills and boost their chances of passing the test. As usual, the English Department teachers also held one-to-one interview practice with students taking the Eiken speaking test during the week before the interviews. We look forward to some more excellent results!

  • 2018年02月05日1月30日(火)留学生のアナベルさんから朝の放送

    Our exchange student, Annabell Hillar from Germany, made this wonderful speech in the morning broadcast at school during her last week at Saint Joseph. During the 10 months she spent with us, Annabell left a deep impression on both the students and teachers. She made many, many friends in her class, year group, the tennis club and all over the school! She will be greatly missed by everyone here.


    Vielen dank, Annabell, und wir wünschen Dir alles Gute in der Zukunft. Bis bald!

  • 2018年02月01日アメリカの姉妹校Saint Joseph High Schoolの生徒とのスカイプ交流

    アメリカの姉妹校Saint Joseph High Schoolの生徒とのスカイプ交流(1月23日・24日)
    Sister School Skype Discussion (January 23 & 24)

    Following an idea from two of our 5th grade students, Yuri Fujimoto and Maya Inoue, and lots of planning and hard work, six of our junior and senior high school students came to school before 7:30 on two bitterly cold winter mornings to hold a Skype discussion with a group of students at our sister school, Saint Joseph High School in Lakewood, California.
    On the first day the students on both sides talked about themselves and their schools, while on the second day they discussed fashion. They not only enjoyed talking about the latest trends, but also shared their concerns about the impact of ‘fast fashion’, particularly on the people involved in its manufacture, as well as its heavy environmental footprint.
    It was an exciting challenge for our students, both to make themselves understood as well as to follow the American students’ English, but they all did a great job.
    Our thanks also go to Katherine, Isabela, Rihannon, Mariana, Roxanne and Isabelle at Saint Joseph High School for sharing their time and ideas with us. We hope for the opportunity to repeat this program again soon.

    If anyone would like to organize a similar program with us (sister school or not), contact Anthony Hollinghurst or another member of the International Education team at our school.

    Here are comments from some of the students who took part.




  • 2017年12月20日【第11回全日本高校模擬国連大会】津市長を表敬訪問しました




  • 2017年12月07日第7回上智大学全国高校生英語弁論大会 ジョン・ニッセル杯

    Our school was represented at this prestigious national speech contest for the first time this year, with Maya Inoue joining 19 other students from across the country in this event, sponsored by both the university itself and MEXT. In what was an incredibly tough contest, Maya did herself proud with a marvelous performance. The theme of this year’s contest was ‘Thinking Globally, Acting Locally,’ and Maya’s speech centered on an experience she had during her year-long exchange at an American sister school, Saint Teresa’s Academy (STA). Encountering a significant level of food waste among students using the school cafeteria, Maya and some of her classmates conducted a survey among the students at STA about their attitude towards wasting food. Maya also had the opportunity to tell her American classmates about Japanese ‘bento’ culture, which, she believes, ensures a much lower level of food wastage among high school students in this country. Though she didn’t get one of the top prizes, Maya did an excellent job in her presentation, and also when answering a question about the speech posed by one of the judges. Great job, Maya!

    This is what she wrote about her experience;