7th Los Angeles Study Trip Participant Reports





Day trip the Carondelet Center to meet Sr. Barbara



March 20th (Wed) Depart from Kansai International Airport
Arrive in Los Angeles
Travel to Saint Joseph High School (SJHS), our Sister School
Meet Host Families
March 21st (Thu) Visit St. Mary's Academy, our Sister School
March 22nd (Fri) Free day with Host Families / Trip to Disneyland
March 23rd (Sat) Day trip the Carondelet Center to meet Sr. Barbara
Visit the Getty Center
March 24th (Sun) Free day with Host Families
March 25th (Mon) Study all day at SJHS
March 26th (Tue) Study all day at SJHS
March 27th (Wed) Study all day at SJHS
March 28th (Thu) Study all day at SJHS
March 29th (Fri) Leave Los Angeles for Japan
March 30th (Sat) Arrive back in Japan



Students  3S Asahi Koide   3S Amane Mukai   3S Miyu Ogata   4S Hinano Ushiba
5B Yuki Hayashi   5B Ayaka Sugao   5S Yuna Ito   5S Yu Izumiyma
5S Ritsuki Noro   5S Matsuri Suzuki
Teachers  Christopher Douglas   Kaori Kashiwagi

America Study Trip

3S  Asahi Koide

I had the best ten days so far. I met a lot of kind people.
I knew a lot of things from my host family, students of SJHS and SMA and teachers. I was very happy to meet a lot of people and know a lot of things to America from them.
It was interesting to take part in lessons of SJHS.
We don’t have Drama lesson and Women’s Chorus lesson in Japan, so they’re very interesting.
I took Italian lesson, too. I learned how to say “I’m Japanese” in Italian. I was very happy to communicate with SJHS students with Italian, but also English
Students of SJHS have decided their dreams and worked hard for their dreams. I haven’t decided my dream yet, so I want to decide my dream soon.
This experience will help me in my life. I want to work hard for my future like SJHS students.
I can ‘t say “Thank you” enough to everyone who was kind for me. I couldn’t have a great trip without their kindness.
I’m very happy to join America study trip on this chance.



3年S組 小出あさひ



Los Angeles Study Trip

3S  Amane Mukai

I learned that it is important to express my opinion. The students at Saint Joseph High School always expressed their opinions and seemed be proud of having them. At first, I was shy and could not express my opinion, but finally I could tell the students about Japan. For me that was good progress.
I was surprised at the school rule. The students can use their phones freely during break time. It looked lax, but they have to use their phones with in a responsibile way. I think it is good to raise their independence of mind.
The posters at Saint Mary’s Academy were about girls’ empowerment. Those messages were very strong and encouraged me. Now I would like to make and put such posters up on the wall at my school. I think it will reassure us.
Before I go went to LA, America was like a dreamland for me. However it is not true. There are problems everywhere on Earth, even in LA. The thing I should do is studying American way of solving and applying to Japanese problems. There seem to be many differences between America and Japan, but actually these two countries have a lot of things in common. What I learned is that cultural barriers are not strong and we can break them .This is an important thing for me.
I would like to build bridges between Japan and not only America but also the other countries. It is very hard, but the posters at Saint Mary’s Academy always cheered up me and my host mother, Susan, recommend me to study abroad and learn cultures there because she believed I am smart enough to do these great things. Her words made me be proud of myself and I was so glad. I would like to answer her expectation, so I will do my best.



3年S組 向井天音

私は日本人として生まれ、日本ではマジョリティとして何不自由なく生活していました。しかし、アメリカでの私は外国人となるので、とても不安でした。それでも私が10日間楽しく過ごせたのは、現地の人々の外国人に対する態度が私にとって良いものだったからです。日本で、モンゴロイド以外の人間もしくは日本語以外の言語を話す人間はじろじろ見られることがあります。アメリカでの私はアジア人で、また日本語を話すこともありました。それでも、じろじろ見られたり、目立ったりしたことはほぼありませんでした。なぜなら、私が行ったロサンゼルスには色々な人種の人がいたからです。SJHSでの授業で、自分の民族をイタリア語で発表するとき、そこの生徒は誰も”Sono Americana”(私はアメリカ人です)とは言いませんでした。みんなは、ヨーロッパ、南アメリカ、アフリカ、アジア、世界中の国をルーツに持つ「アメリカ人」だからです。町でも、聞こえてくる言語は英語だけではなく、スペイン語など色々な言語が聞こえてきました。特にスペイン語を聞くことは多く、町で見る看板にはほとんどスペイン語表記があり、また私が乗ったUber(個人タクシーサービス)でも、運転手の方がキューバ出身で、一緒に乗ったホストマザーもその友人もスペイン語で会話し始めました。私は衝撃を受けました。「アメリカ人」と聞けば、つい白人の英語話者を思い浮かべるけれど、そんなイメージはもう古いのです。
しかし同時に、私が日本人であることを強く感じさせられました。Saint Joseph High Schoolでも、たくさんの生徒から日本の文化や私たちの学校について聞かれ、私がアメリカで目立たなくても、日本人であることは変わりないと思い出されました。日本では当たり前のことも、理由を聞かれ、困りました。また、ホストマザーと教会に行った帰り道、日本の仏教について説明しようとしましたが、私は仏教徒であるにもかかわらず、うまく説明できませんでした。他にも、神道、天皇、縁起物など、日本の文化をいろいろ説明しましたが、そのたびに私の勉強不足を思い知らされました。とても悔しかったけれど、日本はどういう国なのか、どんな文化があってそれはどうしてなのか、調べたり考えたりする良い経験になったと思います。これからは学校の勉強に直接的には関係しないことも積極的に学んでいこうと思えるきっかけになりました。


My Stay in the USA for 10 Days

3S  Miyu Ogata

First, I want to talk about school at Saint Joseph High School. I took Algebra, Chemistry, Italian, Dance, Anatomy and Biology. Algebra was very easy, but Chemistry, Anatomy and Biology were advanced classes, so I couldn’t understand. Classes are 90 minutes. Everyone uses a computer or a notebook and ballpoint pen.
They participated very actively in class and asked a lot of question to the teacher. Also some students were eating snacks, using phone in class. They were doing classwork and homework which was sent from teacher.
At doing a test, teacher looedk around each student’s palm and wrist. Some class, everyone was enclosed to prevent them from cheating and teacher distributed a candy to everyone.
Students come from many country, so I could learn a lot of culture.
Everyone was very friendly and they talked to me, so I could make good communication with them and took many pictures!
Second, I want to talk about trip. I could go shopping everyday and Disney California Adventure and Hollywood. That was somewhere I really wanted to go, so I was very happy!
Third, I want to talk about host family. My host family had six people and three dogs. They were very kind and they washed my clothes every day. Food were very delicious and it was so American! I could communicate with host family, too. I was a little worried about homestay by myself. From now on, I want to mail to my host family
These ten days were very satisfying. There were a lot of differences between Japan and I could learn different culture. I want to participate in training again!



3年S組 緒方美優

まず最初に、Saint Joseph High School でのことについてです。


Los Angeles Study Trip

4S  Hinano Ushiba

Before I went to America, I was a little worried. Because I was only sophomore student. But I didn’t need to worry about that. The other members were very kind! So I was able to get along with them. I really enjoyed my study trip, and my first study trip was very smooth.
This was my first homestay. But there was no problem. My host family were kind and funny! They helped me a lot. I can’t speak English perfectly, but I was able to communicate with my wonder. I think because when we talk together we talked with smiles and some gestures. It was enough to understand each other. I learned if I can’t speak English well, I can tell my feeling. I have no resistance in speaking English with foreigners.
There were many differences between Japanese schools and American schools. I was surprised by the difference many times, but I enjoyed it. For example, the style of class. In Japan, we often hear the teacher’s explanation quietly, but in the United States, the students gave their opinions freely. And one class was long, so at the end of the class I talked with my friends freely and did homework together. At first I was surprised but I enjoyed such a class. There are many good points between Japanese and American classes. So I thought it would be nice to imitate each other’s good points.
I learned a lot of things in this America study trip, and it was really interesting! It is a very good experience for me. If you are reading this and are having trouble joining this training trip now, please take part in this study trip.


Los Angeles Study Trip

4年S組 牛場日菜乃



Benefits of Studying Abroad

5B  Yuki Hayashi

This was a meaningful training for me. I wanted to improve my listening skill, so I was glad that I could have been exposed to real English in America.
What was most pleasant was the school life. I was very happy to make some friends at SJHS. When I passed by friends, they waved to me. And I was spoken to by two of my friends at the cafeteria. They gave me greeting cards. I got used to the sound of English which is spoken by my host family. However, in school situations, many students showered us with questions. So, it was hard to catch all of them. I regretted that I asked questions again and again or I couldn’t understand what they asked. I want to use these experiences to grow. I thought I want to make a diligent application of English. I thought it was a really good thing that I participated in this overseas study trip.



5年B組 林 祐希



My Los Angeles Study Trip

5B  Ayaka Sugao

Before this trip, I was worried ,because I am so shy. But my host family was interested in Japanese things and talked to me frequently, so I could be relaxed in the house.
I had many good memories of this study trip. My best memory is that we went to Disney California Adventure Park. We were so excited in riding roller coaster, and we screamed crazily. Of course, we could meet Mickey!! I was surprised that the ferris wheel shook tremendously.
In the 23rd we visited the convent and met Sr.Barbara and talked with her. Next, we went to the Getty Center. I found the picture that we learned in progress in English. I could spend a meaningful time there.
On the 27th I met my childhood friend who lives LA. She is seventeen years old, the same age as me, but she can drive, so she took me to Manhattan Beach and Griffith Observatory in her car. We could see the sunset and night view there. I like La La Land, I saw the filming locations, so I was so happy to visit there!!!
In the schools days I could make some friends and teach my Instagram account. The students were frank and freedom. They talked me positively. When I gave origami to them,
They were glad!
I talked about my dream with my host family, so I will do my best and chase my dream!!!
In this trip, I could learn not only American culture but also Mexican culture from my host family, so I want to visit Mexico someday, and meet again somewhere!!!!!



5年B組 菅尾彩夏



My Precious Time in LA

5S  Yuna Ito

I participated in the Los Angeles Study Trip from March 20th to March 30th 2019. I was worried about whether I would go or not until the day before the deadline. But now I’m glad I made the decision to go at that time.
It was my first experience to have a homestay for ten days and I was worried before I went there. My host mother hugged me when I first met her when I arrived at Saint Joseph High School, our sister school. My host family was so kind that they always cared about me. I’m really glad that they took me to the shopping center on the weekend, cooked for me what I liked, and did a lot of other things for me. In particular, Selina, a Chinese student who was homestaying with my homestay house, was very kind to me. I was really glad that she explained to me, and she made difficult words into simple words and listened to me properly even in my poor English. After dinner, we always talked about K-Pop, the differences between China and Japan, we taught each other Chinese and Japanese, and we talked about a lot of things. I enjoyed that time every day. When I left LA, I hugged and promised to meet her again someday.
The contents of the classes at SJHS were difficult and I could understand only a few words, but it was a great opportunity to learn new words. Students were all so kind to me and helped me when I wasn’t sure where I was going. They would talk to me and take me to that place. In particular, there were only three students in the Chinese class, but they were all very kind to me. When I wrote kanji and hiragana, they were so happy to say that they were so cute. I was really happy that they told me a lot so that I wouldn’t get bored and that they would work with me even if they stopped studying for their test. I was worried about taking a Chinese class first, but it was good to have it. There were a lot of students who spoke to me at school, and many of them were interested in Japanese dramas, movies, music, etc, so I was happy about that.
I was so nervous before I went LA, but everyone treated me kindly and helped me in many more ways than I thought. They made their words simple words, waiting until I could reply for myself. While I was in LA, I felt the joy of communicating my English. I also noticed that I still didn’t have enough English ability. I’d like to work harder on studying English and someday go back to Los Angeles and see my host family again.



5年S組 伊藤悠奈

10日間ホームステイするのは私にとって初めての経験で行く前は不安で仕方ありませんでした。姉妹校のSaint Joseph High Schoolに着いて初めてホストマザーに会った時、ホストマザーは私にハグをしてくれました。ホストファミリーはすごく優しくていつも私のことを気にかけてくれました。週末にショッピングセンターに連れて行ってくれたり、私の好きなものを作ってくれたり、他にもたくさんのことを私にしてくれてほんとにこの家族のところにホームステイできてよかったなと感じています。特に私のホームステイ先にホームステイしていた中国人の留学生のセリーナはとっても私に優しくしてくれました。難しい単語を簡単な単語にして私にわかるように説明してくれたり、私の拙い英語でもちゃんと聞き取ってくれて私が上手く喋れなくてごめんというと、いつも全然下手じゃないよ!もっと自信持って!と言ってくれて本当に嬉しかったです。夕食の後にいつも2人でお互いが好きなK-Popの話をしたり、中国と日本の違いを話したり、お互いに母語を教えあったり、本当にたくさんのことを話しました。毎日その時間が楽しくて仕方がなかったです。お別れの時にはハグをしてまた絶対いつか会う約束をしました。


Trip to Los Angeles, Supreme Time for Me

 5S   Yu Izumiyama

In this trip, I was able to grab most of what I wanted.
I was thinking that I was lazy, and I didn’t have any confidence whenever I did something. But, once I got used to using my English, I stopped being afraid of speaking English in front of my host family or buddies. I thought, “Doing nothing is the worst thing, something that I must not do.” I like to use English, and I love to communicate with foreign people in English. That is what I wanted to, or had to realize. Of course, I was also made to realize some negative things. For example, “My English skills are not enough yet.” I understood the words that people said, but I couldn’t reply quickly. I felt a kind of embarrassment and I was about to become silent. Now, through these ten days, I know that I needn’t feel pressure at all. I should just keep studying. All people I met were kind. The more liable I became to be nervous, the kinder they were. They tried so hard to understand what I was saying for me, and I thank them all.
I am faced with a difficult problem about my future now, I don’t care about it so much nevertheless. Because I know what I do, and it is because of this supreme trip. Being attended softly, being made to realize my way for future, and getting some confidence in my behavior, I am feeling I will be sure to try to do my best. After all, I am so happy to enjoy such fun!



5年S組 泉山 優



Exciting Journey!!!

5S  Ritsuki Noro

  Everything was new and stimulating on this trip. I was able to know about America from various perspectives by actually going there. I learned a lot of things, not only about cultures. My image was that Americans were always late on time, but it was different! My host family was more punctual than I expected. It was one of my discoveries.
Our sister school, SJHS was very different from ours. I was surprised that the students ate snacks, drank some juice like Starbucks and walked around during class. They were really free, but on the other hand, they often raised their hands, told what they thought and asked questions. I keenly felt we should be more active like them and say our own opinions spontaneously
At first, I felt uneasy to speak English, but gradually I was able to break out of my shell. I was able to understand what others said but it was hard to express what I wanted to say. I felt how unskilled I was so I decided to study English much harder! When I returned to school from Disneyland, one host family told me my English was good. I was really happy and I was much more confident.
Americans always tried to understand what I wanted say, though my English was wrong. It encouraged me a lot and I felt the warmth of them. I often heard the phrases that we learned in Japan, so I felt what we learn at school was never wasted but connected to everyday life. I am happy to have spent wonderful days with nine other members. We cooperated and helped each other. I want to appreciate the nine members who went America together, SJHS students, teachers and above all, my host family! I am so glad to have met them.
This trip let me learn a lot of things, not only American culture and values, but also relationships with others. I was able to get important things which are not given by just studying English. I do not want to waste this experience and make use of many opportunities. I want to be a person who is able to understand the different values. I was able to have precious experience and make amazing memories!!!



5S 野呂梨月

この研修は本当に刺激的で実り多いものとなりました。実際に現地に行ってみることで 様々な立場からアメリカという国を知ることができました。今までイメージしていたアメリカ人の意外な部分などたくさんの側面に触れることができました。アメリカ人はとても時間にルーズなイメージでしたがホストファミリーと過ごしてこの時間には何をするなど教えてくれてきっちりしているという意外な一面を知ることができました。
姉妹校に実際に通えて貴重な体験ができとても楽しかったし、また視野が広がったなと感じています。日本の学校とは全く違っていて、授業中にお菓子を食べたりスタバやジュースを飲んだり教室を歩き回ったり出て行ったりとても自由で驚きました。しかしその一方で自由ながらも質問や言いたいことを普通に言っていてその部分もまた日本とは違うなと感じました。授業中だけでなく色々な場面で自分の意見をしっかり伝えることが大切なのだと痛感しました。最初は英語を話すことをためらっていましたが徐々に自分の意志を伝えることができるようになり殻を破って成長できたのではないかと感じています。でも相手の英語を大体はリスニングできても、なかなか自分の言いたいことを英語で表せず未熟さを感じました。それでも私に “Your English is really good!” と褒めてくれる人がいて本当に嬉しかったです。文法や単語が間違っていたり、上手く英語で伝わらなくても優しく何を言おうとしているのか理解しようとしてくれるその温かさが励みになりました。


Los Angeles Study Trip

5S  Matsuri Suzuki

  On the first day, I was very surprised, because it rained!
When I met my host family and arrived home, I was a little nervous, but their son and their dog made me relaxed.
On the second day, I made Shoga-yaki for dinner and my host mother rejoiced. I felt very happy! I talked to my host mother a lot. I taught her Japanese, and I got her to teach me Spanish.
I like books very much, so I went to the library and book store. They were so big! I asked clerk where were books that I was searching for. It was a good experience for me. I bought five books!
My favorite place where I went in LA is the park. It was big and there were a lot of birds! And we went to Griffith Observatory. The view was very good and we can see the Hollywood sign. I studied about space there.
In school day, I attended many classes. In Drama class, I could learn drama parlances. In Religion class, I watched a video which explained icons. I studied icon in world history class in Japan, so it was interesting. In Drawing class, other students worked at their own work of art. They were beautiful. In English class, students spoke their opinions a lot. I think it is a remarkable point.
I ate lunch a lot every school day. It was so fun to eat! Particularly, hamburger was good.
I sometimes played dominoes at home. I didn’t know the rules, but I could understand in the end. It was very fun and I came to like it. When I played it first time, I became a champion!
On the last day after playing dominoes, I gave the drawing that I had painted of my host family’s likeness. They rejoiced very much so I was very very happy.
I want to come back Los Angeles soon!



5年S組 鈴木茉里

ホストファミリーに、また日本食のレシピを送るという約束をしました。次はいつロサンゼルスにくるのと聞かれた時には嬉しさで胸がいっぱいになりました。最後別れる時には、”See you soon!” と言葉が出ていました。