最後は、昨年からアメリカの姉妹校であるFontbonne Universityに留学している卒業生の加藤愛希さん、鷹野安那さんが海外大学での生活について、前の学期で自分が実際にとった時間割などを示して、多くの写真を交えて説明してくださいました。在校生は、憧れの海外留学を身近に感じたことと思います。

We held a school assembly to celebrate Mie International Week (May 19 – 3 June). The first two of the three presentations were connected to our school’s UNESCO school-related ESD activities. 6th grade student Nanami Nagakura spoke about her experiences as one of only 15 Japanese students chosen to participate in the 8th ESD International Exchange Program in Indonesia (March 24-31). Nanami introduced a lot of information about the history and culture of Indonesia, and told us that she was particularly impressed by the religious diversity of the people she met there, with Muslims and Christians living side by side. The second presentation consisted of an introduction to various ESD-related projects being undertaken in and around Saint Joseph by both junior and senior high school volunteers. Mainly environmentally-based, these projects include ongoing studies of plants, clouds and water quality. However, many other school programs, such as the Walkathon and volunteer trips to Kamaishi City in Tohoku and Kamagasaki in Osaka, also have the sustainable development goals promoted by UNESCO. Finally, Aki Kato and Anna Takano, two graduates who have just completed the 1st year of their undergraduate programs at Fontbonne University, our sister university in Saint Louis, Missouri, made a presentation about their experiences so far in the USA.
All the presentations were well-researched and informative, with something interesting for each listener to take away with them from the assembly. Each in a different way, they also showcased the global outlook and ‘Women for Others’ spirit that students and graduates of Saint Joseph possess in abundance.