6月1日(土)、「みえグローカル学生大使」として活動しているSalad Days in Mieの4名が、三重県庁が受け入れたインターン生デニ・ホクファさんと、三重県の観光スポットを訪れる交流行事を行いました。





On Saturday 1st June, four students who are involved in our Salad Days in Mie project took part in this event organized by Mie Prefectural Office. This year Salad Days in Mie has been chosen to represent Mie Prefecture as Glocal Student Ambassadors(みえグローカル学生大使).

An American student from Harvard University, Deni Hoxha, is currently serving an internship at Mie Prefectural Office, and the purpose of the event was to introduce Deni to the the ninja culture of Iga. Also taking part in the event were ambassadors from Mie University (三重大学) and Toba College of Maritime Technology (鳥羽商船高等専門学校). We spent the day showing Deni the delights of our beautiful Mie Prefecture. As Deni speaks no Japanese, we had a great time speaking English ALL DAY!

After a quick sushi lunch, we began by all changing into Ninja costume (忍び装束).


We then walked to Ueno Castle, which has one of the tallest stone keeps in Japan, and looked out across Iga from the ancient ramparts.


After we had seen the castle, we took Deni to the ninja house, where the guide explained to us in perfect English about the how ninja lived, and how they used various tricks in the house to escape from and foil intruders.


Then it was time to look at the ninja museum and see the wonderful ninja show, where we witnessed the excellent swordsmanship of real modern-day ninja.


Finally, we took Deni on a tour of Iga to sample various traditional sweets from Mie, such as katayaki (堅焼き), kibi dango (きびだんご) and strawberry daifuku (いちご大福).


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