We were delighted to host our second remote learning US college class of this academic year, this time presented by Professor Corinne Mason from Fontbonne University in St. Louis. 24 students from Years 2-6 participated online from their own homes. Professor Mason conducted a US History class, focusing on the little-known Mexican-American War (1846-48) and the conquest of the Comanche people by the American army in the late 19th century. Professor Mason connected these historical events with the recent controversy over former US President Trump’s attempts to extend and reinforce the US-Mexican border wall. The participating students were given time in groups to discuss the issues raised by the professor, also having the opportunity to share their opinions with the whole class at the end of the lesson. We are all very grateful to Professor Mason for taking the time to prepare a stimulating class at a level which all our students could easily understand.
Fontbonne University is one of nine colleges and universities in the Association of Colleges of the Sisters of Saint Joseph (ACSSJ), all of which offer special scholarships to graduates of our school who choose to continue their education in the US. Since 2017, three graduates of Saint Joseph have studied at Fontbonne.