PAREF Woodrose students and teachers school visit, 23~31 May, 2024
We were delighted to welcome 10 students and 2 teachers from PAREF Woodrose, our sister school in the Philippines, from May 23 to 31. The girls school, which is located just in Muntinlupa City near Manila, has been our sister school since 2012. This year marked the 6th very successful visit to our school by a group from Woodrose, and the first since 2019. All twelve visitors were hosted by families of Saint Joseph students, giving plentiful opportunities for exchange and to deepen cross-cultural understanding on both sides. We organized various activities at school to allow everyone from Woodrose the chance to experience Japan’s rich cultural history. The students enjoyed making and eating chirashi-zushi during a cooking class with 3rd grade students, and were also able to participate in and learn about the tea ceremony while wearing yukata. They also practiced calligraphy in a class with 4th grade students and even took part in a karate lesson with our 3rd and 5th graders. For their part, the Woodrose students taught members of our school’s cooking club how to make traditional Filipino cuisine in the form of chicken adobo and pastillas de leche in a highly-enjoyable after school activity. They also made a fascinating presentation showcasing aspects of Filipino culture, such as the famous Tinikling, or bamboo dance, as well as teaching Saint Joseph students about the country’s geography, wildlife and the Tagalog language through songs and games. On the final full day of the visit, the Woodrose students visited Shinmachi Elementary School to perform their presentation and interact with the 6th grade students there, before being treated to a song by the elementary school students in return. There were many tears at Tsu Station early on Friday morning as the Woodrose group bade farewell to their host families and a number of other students who had come to see them off. They then boarded a train for Nara, where they would stay one night before returning to the Philippines.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the host families, without whose cooperation the visit would not have been possible and whose generous hospitality ensured that every visitor went home with many precious memories of their stay in Japan. Following on from many successful previous exchange programs in both directions and online collaboration to mark this year’s International Women’s Day in March, this visit has further cemented the deep bonds of friendship between our schools, which we will continue to cherish for many years to come.

5月23日から31日まで、フィリピンの姉妹校であるPAREF Woodrose校から10名の生徒と2名の先生をお迎えしました。首都マニラ近郊のMuntinlupa市にあるこの女子校は、2012年から姉妹校となっています。Woodroseからの訪問は今年で6回目で、2019年ぶりとなりました。本校の生徒がホストファミリーとなることでさらに交流の機会が増え、双方の異文化理解を深めることができました。学校では、Woodrose生が日本の豊かな文化を体験できるように、様々な活動を企画しました。3年生との調理実習では、ちらしずしを作って食べたり、浴衣を着て茶道を体験しました。また、4年生とは書道を、3年生と5年生とは空手の授業にも参加しました。放課後の活動として、料理部のメンバーに伝統的なフィリピン料理であるチキン・アドボとパスティーリャ・デ・レチェの作り方を教え、大いに楽しみました。また、有名なティニクリン(バンブーダンス)などのフィリピン文化を紹介する魅力的なプレゼンテーションを行い、歌やゲームを通して本校の生徒たちにフィリピンの地理や野生動物、またタガログ語について教えてくれました。最終日は津市立新町小学校を訪れ、6年生と交流しました。最後に児童たちが感謝の気持ちで歌を演奏してくれました。金曜の早朝、津駅では、ホストファミリーや見送りに来ていた多くの本校生徒たちとの別れに、多くの涙が流れました。Woodrose校生は電車に乗り、奈良で一泊してから帰国しました。