In the afternoon of Saturday 8th June, 5 members of the Sekisui Museum Project Team visited the museum to take photos and video for a new video that we are planning to make. The museum is eager to improve its social media profile by appealing more to younger Japanese people and foreign residents and tourists. We hope that our video will show Sekisui museum, its beautiful surroundings, and the life and work of Kawakita Handeishi in its best light.
The museum curators are currently involved in preparations for an upcoming exhibition of objects related to the Genji Monogatari. We we lucky enough to see close up a text of the story from the Kamakura period, and some ukiyoe illustrations of the story which were owned by the Kawakita family. The museums curators, Mr. Kirita and Mr. Waki, actually allowed us to hold these precious illustrations in our hands and examine them up close.
The exhibition will run from June 29th to September 8th. Please visit if you can.